On Semi AMIS-49587动力线载波调制解调方案
     关键词: AMIS-49587 动力线载波 调制解调 摘要:本文介绍了AMIS−49587主要特性,方框图,发送和接收器方框图,应用案例和典型应用电路以及外接50/60Hz抑制滤波器电路图.

On Semi 公司的AMIS−49587是采用S-FSK调制的和IEC1334−5−1 IEC 1334−4−32/EN50065兼容的50/60Hz动力线载波调制解调器,它采用ARM 7TDMI处理器核,包括MAC层.可编程载波频率从9kHz到95kHz(增量10Hz),半双工方式,数据速率可选择: 300–600–1200–2400 baud(50 Hz),典型应用为AMR,远程安全控制,街灯控制以及漏水,漏汽和火警发送.本文介绍了AMIS−49587主要特性,方框图,发送和接收器方框图,应用案例和典型应用电路以及外接50/60Hz抑制滤波器电路图.

AMIS-49587: Power Line Carrier Modem

ON Semiconductor’s AMIS−49587 is an IEC1334 compliant power line carrier modem using spread−FSK (S−FSK) modulation for robust low data rate communication over power lines. AMIS−49587 is built around an ARM 7TDMI processor core, and includes the MAC layer. With this robust modulation technique, signals on the power lines can pass long distances. The half−duplex operation is automatically synchronized to the mains, and can be up to 2400 bits/sec.

The product configuration is done via its serial interface, which allows the user to concentrate on the development of the application. The AMIS−49587 is implemented in ON Semiconductor mixed signal technology, combining both analog circuitry and digital functionality on the same IC.


• Power Line Carrier Modem for 50 and 60 Hz Mains

• Fully Compliant to IEC1334−5−1 IEC 1334−4−32 / EN50065

• Complete Handling of Protocol Layers Physical to MAC

• Programmable Carrier Frequencies from 9 to 95 kHz in 10 Hz Steps

• Half Duplex

• Data Rate Selectable: 300 – 600 – 1200 – 2400 baud (50 Hz)

• Synchronization on Mains

• Repetition Algorithm Boost the Robustness of Communication

• Other Features Under Development / Validation

• SCI Port to Application Microcontroller

• SCI Baudrate Selectable: 4.8 – 9.6 – 19.2 – 34.4 kb

• Power Supply 3.3 V

• Ambient Temperature Range: −40℃ to +80℃

• These Devices are Pb−Free and are RoHS Compliant*


• AMR: Automated Remote Meter Reading (Télérelevé)

• Remote Security Control

• Streetlight Control

• Transmission of Alerts (Fire, Gas Leak, Water Leak)


图2. AMIS−49587发送器方框图

图3. AMIS−49587接收器方框图

图4. AMIS−49587接收器ADC和正交解调器方框图

图5. AMIS−49587应用案例

图6. AMIS−49587 S-FSK调制解调器典型应用电路

图7. 外接50/60Hz抑制滤波器电路图

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